Doing our bit for the environment

At Alliance Promotions sustainability is one of our core values. We steer clear of single use disposable promotional products and apparel and are committed to providing products and services that have a long lasting impact. As a business sustainability in all stages of the supply chain is our responsibility and we have created focused initiatives that reflect this.


Growth is common amongst our amazing clients and is often associated with rebranding forcing branded stock to be sent straight to landfill.

Alliance Promotions works closely with UPPAREL to recycle your uniforms and avoid landfill altogether. For every 1kg of textiles we divert from landfill we’ll prevent 3-4kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. Have old uniforms that are ready for the bin? Talk to us about starting a recycling program for your business.


The promotional product industry is traditionally built around low grade products in large quantities however at Alliance Promotions we do things differently. Our focus is on providing quality products that last the distance - not just that one event. Our team will help to recommend products that your staff and clients will love and that are made to use or wear on repeat.


As technology and manufacturing improves we are fortunate to have a large range of sustainable options in both the promotional and uniform industries. Sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled polyester (PET) and hemp have become part of the mainstream and are loved by all. Learn more.


Traditional packaging is all about the polybags! Whilst presentation is super important we aim to reduce unnecessary plastic waste or replace packaging with eco friendly alternatives. This includes

1. Ditching poly bags and using carton liners or compostable bags instead

2. Making the move to eco-friendly packaging tape and compostable mailing satchels

3. Saying goodbye to bubble wrap and packing peanuts and hello to shredded recycled kraft boxes

4. Transitioning to recyclable paper and cardboard packaging


Alliance Promotions is committed to reducing waste across the supply chain. This includes plastic reduction where possible and waste management reporting. We work with many B Corp companies and in turn monitor and record our waste while actively working towards reduction targets. 

All recycling waste is delivered direct to VISY recycling plants.

Ethical Supply Chains

Maintaining ethical supply chains is a key factor in having trustworthy and dependable merchandise.

Alliance Promotions maintains strict integrity based company policies and expect our suppliers to operate at the same standards.

Did we mention we are also Sedex accredited and working towards an ISO 9000 certification?

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