Corporate Uniforms

Providing uniforms that staff want to wear

quality, comfort and durability

We love a good uniform. Whether it’s a crisp branded blazer, a relaxed polo, durable workwear or a Hi-Vis garment, the first impression you make should always be impeccable.


Our customers rely on us to inform them of what products will best suit their employees and their work conditions and our real strength lies in design, innovation and a collaboration of ideas. After all, an original, custom-designed, quality product will always make a more positive impression.

The specialist team at Alliance Promotions can source and tailor a range of corporate clothing that reflects your brand’s personality and is anything but uniform! 

We believe that a good uniform design is modern and puts functionality at heart. We obsess over every little detail such as material, breathability, cut and inclusivity to ensure our uniforms don’t just look the part but perform as needed.

We’ll make the most of technology, or the latest trends and innovations from around the world, to make sure our product offering is for the times - and sometimes, ahead of them.

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